My grandson has a new little cousin.  Two new babies are in the world, well, more than that, of course, but my focus is on these two, a boy and a girl.

I’m also entranced with toes and feet.  The toes on a baby’s foot are amazing, like little pearls, and yet, that foot won’t touch the ground for months.  It feels like hallowed ground, and has me aware of my feet, and how I touch the ground.

I feel such reverence in my steps these days as though each one is a stone tossed in a pond rippling outward in circles. How carefully do I touch the ground with my 70 years?

What resonates in the meeting and all that’s involved in each step, that range of motion in each foot and ten delightful and delighted toes?

I am a swing, a merry-go round, a ferris wheel, a playground of excitement and moment to moment, and daily, yearly thrills!

I’m grateful for life, and the cycles that renew, grateful for expansiveness and the connective weave of breath.

May it be so!

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