My heart is open; my wings are spread.

I began this blog and website to “promote” my book Airing Out the Fairy Tale, but that is only a part of my life.

I’ve come to see my purpose is to “air out” my whole life, not just my generational ideas around marriage and children.  I allow my life to unfold like origami in reverse. I continue to evolve and simplify.

I study and write about living, breathing, sensing, connecting, knowing we each have a part, and this blog and website are my way to connect with the whole.

Looking back I see that my other two books also “air out the fairy tale”. When I went through treatment for breast cancer, I had a blog which became a book: Breast Strokes: Two Friends Journal through the Unexpected Gifts of Cancer.  I learned that cancer may not be a death sentence, but instead an expansion into a wider world of connection.  My medical treatment was augmented by early morning writing with my friend Jane Flint.  

When my sons married, I found myself with the relationship of the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, two women who love the same man but in different ways.  I didn’t appreciate how the mother-in-law is often portrayed and perceived. Why was it okay to insult and make fun of the mother-in-law? I didn’t like it one bit. I’d been blessed with my mother-in-law and my two daughters-in-law, so my book Love Letters to My Daughters-in-Law is my way to share the beauty and strength of an evolving relationship as it opens to spaciousness and honors the connecting lift of shared air.

All three books are available on Amazon or by request at your local bookstore

I’m a student and leader of Sensory Awareness. This quote by Connie Smith Siegel, published in the 1973 issue of the Sensory Awareness Bulletin, is one of my guides.

As you experiment with weight, you may experience a remarkable phenomenon – when the pull toward earth is fully experienced, it can wake up the opposite force. The deeper the pull, the more forceful and exuberant is the urge to rise.

Out of the dense earth, the dark womb, comes the regenerative impulse to life. There is no need to produce this effect or even expect it. It will happen by itself, as you give yourself permission to follow the influence of gravity wherever it leads.

The conscious alignment with gravity is at the heart of creativity and the process of healing as well.”

You can learn more about Sensory Awareness here:

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The cover photo of Breast Strokes and the bird photos are by Bob Dresser, who passed away in the fall of 2018.