My heart is open; my wings are spread.

I am a lover of nature, movement, walking, connecting with others in person, on-line and through books. I am a poet, author, Sensory Awareness leader, Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner, mother, spouse, sister, friend and philosopher.  My books Breast Strokes and Love Letters pour forth from the heart, the heart of connection and healing work. My latest book Airing Out the Fairy Tale will soon be available for purchase.  

I was raised to believe in enchantment and I still do, and I also believe we need to air out our belief systems periodically and so I do. We update our computers and phones, so why not our minds too?

I love to sleep on my deck, feeling the support of nestling at the foot of Mount Tamalpais as I’m nourished by my view of the ridge. Because I zip line on words, I want to share the impulse, pull, exhilaration and resulting calm with you as we zip line together to know ourselves more honestly, clearly, and thoroughly as we breathe in and out the air and earth we share.

I believe the fabric of life is love and when we lift our lips in a smile, our cells and the cells of others lift too. We’re here to connect!

As part of that, I’m a long-time student of Sensory Awareness. I’ll be sharing my experience of what that means. I offer this quote by Connie Smith Siegel, published in the 1973 issue of the Sensory Awareness Bulletin.

“As you experiment with weight, you may experience a remarkable phenomenon – when the pull toward earth is fully experienced, it can wake up the opposite force. The deeper the pull, the more forceful and exuberant is the urge to rise.

Out of the dense earth, the dark womb, comes the regenerative impulse to life. There is no need to produce this effect or even expect it. It will happen by itself, as you give yourself permission to follow the influence of gravity wherever it leads.

The conscious alignment with gravity is at the heart of creativity and the process of healing as well.”

May our conscious alignment with gravity spring our hearts to create and heal ourselves, families, friends, those we may not meet, and this beautiful earth we share.

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