Turning Prayer Wheels as I turn my life around!

My latest book Airing Out the Fairy Tale is my journey to connection, connection with myself, my work, and others. The thread is my trek in the Everest region of Nepal in 1993.  At forty-three, I was entering menopause and dealing with a change in course. My sons who were then fifteen and nineteen were feeling grown, and my husband was in a mid-life “crisis” of his own. After nearly dying trying to reach the top of Kala Patthar at over 18,000 feet, I turned forty-four at Tengboche, a monastery at 13,000 feet.  My focus had been on family, friends and volunteer work and now there was a need and desire for change.  This is my journey to connect with myself and the girl/woman I was before I leaned in to protect what came from my womb.

Mountains are My Mandalas

Join me in Everyday Enchantment as I continue to learn to wave a wand of connection with myself and the world.