Joni Mitchell’s song The Circle Game is whirling through my head. And “we go round and round in the circle game”.

I’m doing eye exercises which makes me aware of the roundness of the eyeball and how I can use exercises to stimulate and visualize movement and fluidity there.  I’m widening and nourishing how I see, how I receive.  It’s about intimacy with ourselves and with the world.

The earth is round, twirling, and circling the sun.  We are motion and movement spinning change.  

Charlotte Selver, my  teacher of Sensory Awareness, work I came to in 1993, said of the work:

“This work is a very spiritual work. It has to do with waking up, with getting spirited to the last molecule. Spirited. Because it sits everywhere in us. Everywhere.”


Enjoy the curves, awakening the spirit in living aware.  

Morning Fog now gone to return when earth and air combine to invite formation again