Protect the Marsh

This exquisite duck couple kept swimming, then, walking toward me as though to say protect this precious environment, this buffer zone, these oxygen producers that nourish your lungs.

Beauty and companionship afloat

Wake up!

See us! We’re here in the marsh and reeds!

Bird Friends

Today I’m reflecting on the birds I’ve met this last month and a half. Going through photos, I’m honoring the words of Martin Aylward:

If we can rest into being here and do nothing, then plenty can happen. 

Landing on a rainy February 27 low tide day
Here we all are
And now we are five
And there is grace
Strolling about each in their own direction
Golden slippers in mud as drops fall and feathers flair with a different time and place

Golden Slippers

The Snowy Egret or Golden Slippers has yellow feet and a black bill.

The yellow feet turn black in the low tide mud
No obstacles when one is on the way
Stirring the mud for a goodie
Tme to leave the mud and step into flight
View of San Francisco from Sausalito yesterday