I wake aware of feeling like a pillow of silk sewn together to hold fine sand that’s been lifted to fall and fill with air between each beautiful and powerfully contained grain.

It’s the time of year to even more gently and tenderly allow the particles and waves of gratitude to coalesce and flow through.

On Saturday I learned a friend was ill, very ill, and I was struck, penetrated by daggers of sorrow.  My web of connection had a tear, but it wasn’t a tear. It was a re-weaving and she is fine now but even so it comes back to how we meet what comes, how we come together and apart all the time.  I’m feeling even more clearly how the point is to receive, balance, and in healing, radiate our own powerful and unique force.  

Yesterday I was in a larger grocery store than my usual one.  I stood still in awe, over and over again. Piles of apples and pears.  Rows of cooked food, prepared, a bakery, lines of meat, fish, chicken. The back row of this huge store is lined with dairy products, different kinds of milk, eggnog, eggs, sour cream, butter, cheese, cottage cheese.  I’m not sure why it struck me so clearly yesterday but it did. Perhaps it was because I’ve been reading of walking the Camino in Spain and food is not guaranteed. One must allow the stomach to rumble and contract, and here I was in a place of gathering where food, wine, and decorations are abundant in offering and display.  

I had come from meeting a friend for breakfast, so was full, full in all ways of fullness, and perhaps that allowed a deeper appreciation for what is here.

We are connected, and again, perhaps the emphasis is deeper now as the days come to darkness, and we celebrate each in our own way, together or apart.

Blessings bind us when we feel the grains of sand we are, as we come together and part, like sand in silk.