Pt. Reyes and Tomales Bay

We’re home now to heat, 92 degrees, after two glorious nights at Nick’s Cove on Tomales Bay.  We left here early on the 15th, the day CA reopened.  Stopping at The Parkside in Stinson Beach for breakfast, we were greeted with smiles.  Because we were the first people inside in all this time, they took our picture and fed us for free.  What a treat!

We headed up the coast and out to Abbott’s Lagoon where patience allowed us to see a mother otter with two pups swimming and then climbing up onto the sand dune, and then back into the water.  

We checked into our abode, pure heaven, and as though on a boat lived enchanted as the tide moved in and out.  

Nothing to do and nowhere to go.  Rhythm slowed as we watched the sun, moon, and stars, and even saw the Milky Way, a glow in the sky.  

Heading towards Abbott’s Lagoon
Look closely to see Mama Otter and her two babies
Look in the water
Crossing over
Otters on the dunes
Evening comes
Another sunset
Morning again as the earth turns and we do too!