An anonymous neighbor is planting crocheted sunflowers in and around the “hood”.

Here’s ours tied around the trunk of an elderly plum tree.

Our Healing Journey

At the age of 28, my friend Elaine was the whistleblower on the many years of sexual abuse of young men by the minister of Cameron House in Chinatown, San Francisco, Dick Wichman.

This is a beautiful tribute and guide to healing a community, a community of those who were victims, then, survivors, and now thrivers, and those who were and are affected in their love and care for them.

Watch the video on the website in tears and listen, as that is what is asked of us, to listen to the stories of those who were abused, to literally see with new and clear eyes.

Abuse of one is abuse of us all, and many in this community were abused, and come together now in courage, communion, and connection to share their stories and heal.