A Gift

I’ve settled into wearing glasses and am loving the fun of it.  I’m playing with eye exercises, trusting what a delight it is to have air touch my eyes directly rather than through a contact lens.

I hadn’t realized all that is involved with contact lenses but now fluids are put away to give away and I’m adjusting to new ways of seeing.  I’m using pinhole glasses which I only learned about recently.  I paid $20.00 on Amazon for plastic ones with round holes.  Using them, beginning with five minutes and expanding the time period stimulates peripheral vision.  

The idea is to wake up the visual system and develop a sense of the visual pathways.  I’m visualizing fluidity, movement, and expansion in my eyes, in my life.  

In learning that pinhole glasses stimulate the retina and the pathways to the thalamus. I checked out the thalamus and I’m enthralled. I’m enjoying participating in healing and health as I await what the medical world can do when that world and I coincide.

In my pause, I reflect on and absorb these words of Eknath Easwaran:

To love, we need to be sensitive to those around us, which is impossible if we are always racing through life engrossed in all the things we need to do before sunset.

Tennessee Valley with its opening to sea and see