Beauty and Courage

The President of Ukraine VOLODYMYR ZELENSKYY speaks poetry to unite and inspire. Rise on his words.

Do you still think we are one people?

Do you still think you can scare us,

break us,

force us to make concessions?

Don’t you really get it?

Don’t you understand who we are?

What we stand for?

What we are all about?

Read my lips:

Without gas or without you?

Without you.

Without light or without you?

Without you.

Without water or without you.

Without you.

Without food or without you?

Without you.

Cold, hunger, darkness and thirst are not as frightening and deadly for us as your friendship and brotherhood.

But history will put everything in its place. 

And we will be with gas, light, water and food

…and WITHOUT you!”

Sunset last night

Fog on the ridge this morning moving to moisten and dissipate


As much as we’re all shaking from yesterday’s events, I note it is Republican women who have come forth, who are speaking out. Inspiration!! And the truth comes out despite threats and intimidation. The hearings were moved up to protect Cassidy, and we’re all watching even more closely and carefully now.