Celebration Time

Rain!!    It was a weekend with two birthday celebrations augmented with the joy of rain.  Even in CA, two year olds have rain boots and raincoats and there’s nothing cuter than watching them bounce and prance about.

And today, the clean air invigorates and birds are happily out and about.

Ducks frolic in the marsh
Egret surveying the scene
Egret filled with fish


Last night I was outside with the full moon, and now I receive the news that a baby we have been waiting for is born.  What a relief!  I know that childbirth in this country is mainly safe but years ago, a friend died in childbirth at a hospital in Palo Alto, and so I’m always on alert until the little being is through the canal and here, seen, and cared for.

Her mother had a tough and long labor and now this little girl is here and my grandson has a new cousin.  He loves music and rhythm, and so alive with vision and possibility, he channels Gene Krupa and the joy of playing the drums.   

The Reward for Labor