The State of Balance and Calm

Today I read about Superconductivity.  

“Below a certain “critical” temperature, materials undergo transition into the superconducting state, characterized by two basic properties: firstly, they offer no resistance to the passage of electrical current. When resistance falls to zero, a current can circulate inside the material without any dissipation of energy. Secondly, provided they are sufficiently weak, external magnetic fields will not penetrate the superconductor, but remain at its surface”.

Reading that, I feel a resonance and understanding of the following words of Thomas Merton.

I feel how when the heat of motion, reactivity, and vibration calm, we come to “the peace of inner clarity and love”.

Thomas Merton: In a world of noise, confusion and conflict, it is necessary that there is a place of inner silence and peace, not the peace of mere relaxation but the peace of inner clarity and love.