Stinson Beach

Yesterday I headed over the hill to clear my head. It was low tide and the beach was huge. Jellyfish had dropped onto the sand to be carried out again but now I know they can only last 48 minutes out of water. I wondered what it’s like to have never heard, seen, and felt the ocean. I was at the end of sixth grade when we moved to Florida, and I found a forever friend in the movement of waves and tides.

Feeding Time
Patience Exposed
An adult gull carries a crab – the juvenile follows for a taste.
Jellyfish taken back to sea
The lower part of Mt. Tam enveloped in fog


I just learned a friend passed away in the most beautiful of ways.  Ah, surrender, as the plum leaves the branch in my hand.  


An Angel of a friend has pancreatic cancer and has been given two to five years to live.  He’s our age, Steve and mine, and our first thought was oh, no, and the second was two to five years.  Wow!  It goes with living every minute as though it’s our last.

A request to make a video tribute for my daughter-in-law’s 40th birthday led me up to the Headlands early yesterday morning.  I wanted to catch the sunrise but then was content with this view – the sun’s radiant coming and the symbolism of sunrise and the Golden Gate Bridge and the passage out to sea.

Life is good for me!

Here she comes!
Looking out to the Pacific