When I was in 8th grade we sang the Hallelujah Chorus.  I wonder how now as I listen to the range required.  

I was inspired to listen when I learned in Writer’s Almanac that today is Handel’s birthday.

It’s the birthday of composer George Handel, who wrote the great oratorio Messiah, born in Halle, Germany (1685).

In 1741, he was asked to do a benefit in Dublin. He decided to write a new oratorio for the performance, and he worked on it zealously, often neglecting to eat or sleep. In 25 days, he’d created the score for the Messiah, which was composed of 50 separate pieces. When he was finished he said, “I think God has visited me.”

You can listen and then view pictures I took yesterday from the overlook in Muir Beach and further down.  Music, Nature, Inspired!

From the overlook

At a friend’s home

It’s Spring!

What Calls Me Now?

Yesterday and today are exquisite, days when one can’t imagine anything more.  In the evening I sit and watch the moon with her increasing light.  It’s harvest time.

What is mine to  harvest?  

I place my hands over my eyes to feel within, to quiet thought, to come to rest. 

Fingertips tap like rain – asking for stillness between the drops – asking for the ribboned stretch and curl of a reply on which to lay my dreams trusting that all aligns.

View from Sausalito yesterday looking toward Angel Island
Gardenia from my yard