Fall Light

Fog enveloped our home this morning, and like a letter still closed, I reveled in the peace of enclosure.  Now the sun slants in such a way I see wires across the way I never noticed before.  Light is such a powerful presence these days.

I read that turkeys are bred for slaughter, so even when the president pardons a turkey, the turkey dies soon after.  It seems a lose-lose for turkeys, though the ones who wander around our neighborhood seem to do fine with their constant  gobble-gobble as though you won’t catch me.  

Today I felt my breath taking a ride on the blood, as I suppose it always does but today I noticed and was reminded of what my brother said once about a “rodeo snail”.  I’m slowing for the holiday, grateful I’m not a turkey and grateful for the unity we come together to share.  I miss my mother, father, and brother even more this time of year, as though they are sliding closer on the increasing slant of light.  

Yesterday I was at the playground with my one year old grandson.  He loves to be pushed in a swing, and swooped down a slide.  Maybe that’s why I’m feeling sparkly and twinkly as I rise and fall in the majesty of unifying my being in the glorious play of shadow and light.