More and more I’m caught on simplicity.  Perhaps it’s simply overload. I sit entranced with my morning cup of coffee and all who were involved in its travel to me.  I listen to birds chirping in trees and see them building nests which they protect when I walk by.

I’m aware of climate change.  I check the tide table when I come and go, and yet, in this moment, looking out on green and gray and listening to birds singing, my heart is a beacon of trust, gratitude and the swelling trust in love.

Today I read Angeles Arrien on the Gold Gate we enter as we age. Tomorrow for my friend Elaine’s birthday celebration as she turns sixty, she’s requested we gather at Baker Beach and pick up trash, remove what doesn’t belong there on this beautiful beach.

We’ll look at the Golden Gate from the ocean side, and perhaps that’s what it is to age.  To look back and release what we no longer need so we can see more clearly the miracle of water meeting sand, both changing with the tides.

Elaine Chan-Scherer took this photo from Baker Beach and when we go tomorrow, it will be a different sort of day.

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