This morning I rose, fed kitties, sat down to meditate. Bella came and sat down on her blanket next to me.  For her, meditation means petting and kissing and she returns the gift by licking me. Bella sees living as reciprocal; she always gives back.  

Finally we settle, Bella and I, and come to rest.  I feel how deeply in this moment I have nothing to do and nowhere to go.  That settling falls through me. I rise in response, a spring, motion, movement, process, though I appear still as a mountain, or do I?  Thoughts pop in – are mountains still?

My lids close over my eyes, gently, tenderly.  After awhile, still covered, the balls of the eyes shift, gently, tenderly, right, then, left.  I’m by the window and feel the coming of light.

I allow the lids of my eyes, the center of my head, to rest and rise as gently and tenderly as the coming of the light.  All is ease. Might I keep this as I move through the day?

My teacher of Sensory Awareness, Charlotte Selver, would bring us to a state of bliss, and then, say, “Forget it!” I didn’t want to forget it, wanted to hold on, but now, I’ve learned, release, and something new comes, so I release as the light meets the sky, meeting me, touching, digesting, through and through.

Pittosporum offers scent to air.

4 thoughts on “Morning Light!

  1. I wrote a beautiful response which I clicked the wrong button and lost. Curious, isn’t it, since the point may be to “forget it”. I begin again.

    Yes, I think when we allow the mind to slow, give space for that, give time, awareness opens, expands. We open to being breathed. There is no effort. It’s a place of trust and surrender and though always there for us, we rush about and fill and clutter our thoughts, so we may not notice. Pausing to notice the wonderful exuberance and support of blood flowing and breath entering and returning, is yes, bliss, and the noticing brings us to an awareness of in and out as one. We’re not separate from our landscape, and that noticing gifts us with bliss.

    Obviously, I’m not an expert on this, only reporting my experience, in this moment, one that as I look up and out has now advanced to a brighter entry into morning light.

    Thank you for offering me an invitation to pause and open to subtlety as it plays and flows.


    1. Thank you! I think it is to tap into our own expertise on our own experiencing. There is an authenticity in that, and it allows another to tap into what is authentic for them.
      Your ability to describe your experience allows me to reflect on my own. And it is very similar to what you describe.

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