The sun is shining through the mist.  It’s the first day it hasn’t rained here in CT since my brother passed.  We’ll scatter his ashes today. It was meant to be yesterday but, and tears come as I think of the joy of his wife Jan as we went out to breakfast and then she decided to cook Thai food for all of us.  No one cooks like Jan and we enjoyed a feast together and she kept saying how much Gar would love it and then she called at 11:00 last night crying, saying we forgot to spread the ashes. I said “We didn’t forget; we thought you weren’t ready.”

So, today is the day. It will be a smaller group, just four of us, and perhaps that is as it should be, an honoring of the two sides of my brother. There was the party Gar, the gregarious, laughing one, and the one who loved to be alone with family and books, the one who radiated a wise and visionary presence. We honor both sides, all sides, as we tighten the circle for a moment.

Jeff will then drive the two of us back to JFK and home we go. Steve left yesterday and is now home.

How do I feel today?  Early morning light breathes softness into the room.  Three rectangles stand guard at one end and offer concentration and focus. And now the shadow of a branch spreads into one rectangle, offers form and then the rectangles of light spread like rivers rising in their banks.

I am awake, connected at my roots.  Ancestors are here. Yesterday, Jeff, Lynn and I drove through the beauty of CT and seeing a small sign turned left onto a narrow road to enter an enchanted realm of education. We walked the land and then entered the building to spend two hours enjoying a private tour, learning the history of this land.  

The last Ice Age ended and people came, and here we are. The constitution comes from the people who lived here. The three branches of our government come from the wisdom of the people of this land. There was a fourth piece the Founding Fathers forgot. We are one with the land.  How we treat the land is how we treat ourselves. We are one.

May 5th was Cinco de Mayo. Our guide and those who worked at the Institute were wearing red. We learned it was also a day to honor missing and murdered Indigenous Women. And here I pause to honor that every day is that day. May we come to unification, in ourselves, in our world.


4 thoughts on “Day 23: Unity

  1. What a beautiful honoring of your brother, with food and connection to those he loved, and then with connection to Mother Earth and indigenous peoples- back to an honoring of the Earth.

    Kairos time.


    1. Yes, and then there’s the airport. We divided his ashes so half stay here and half will be spread in the Pacific Ocean. He has now bounced up and down escalators and been through the airport scanner twice, the second time on a cookie sheet, which he would have loved as he loved cookies. My cousin is at the Hartford airport where there was a “stay in place” alert. Equanimity is a practice for sure. We’re calmly waiting for our plane.


      1. Elaine, I’m smiling as I realize I meant to say cookie rack, the rack you place cookies on to cool them. That’s what it looked like to me. 🙂


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