I wake feeling as though I’ve been wrapped and unwrapped in a series of skins. I molt and let go and wrap again but today I step back into tasks that anchor my life here.

It’s been twenty-five days since my brother passed.  I sit with that, with the melting ooze in my heart, syrup, as though I’m a Maple tree tapped for syrup in spring.  That’s what happens when you spend time in New England. You think of maple syrup and low walls of stone that have stood for hundreds of years.

My brother loved the manuscript of my book “Airing Out the Fairy Tale: Trekking through Nepal & Midlife” and was excited to help promote it.

I place some of his words here.

Finished. Loved it! Start to finish!  It is brilliant, Cath.

It is a book for everyone and my blurb will say that. Just the way you and the accountant connected there, so did I feel it worked for anyone searching for peace and answers.

It’s perfect.

I loved the descriptiveness of it, felt like I was there. And that’s actually all I’ve ever wanted to do with Everest and those other majestic mountains, is get close enough to see them with my own eyes. But I felt like I did. Loved the yetis. The people. The culture. Amazing.

You must be so proud of this great treasure. It is a gem. And, even though I hate writing blurbs, I assure you I will happily write one for this on Amazon or wherever.

And so on the twenty-fifth day of his passing I share some of his words, blessing his journey and my own.  

Buddha in his garden

2 thoughts on “Day 25: Unwrapping the Cocoon

  1. 25 days. What an adventure. Your brother blesses your book with joy and amazement. With such an enthusiastic cheerleader, your book can safely journey toward those who need to read it. Wonderful!
    Buddha sits and grounds it all in.


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