As Steve and I walk the streets of NYC, he points out the buildings my brother worked on.  My brother is here as he is everywhere of course, and today is the first day to settle more deeply into my grief at his passing.

Yesterday we went to Top of the Rock to see the sunset.  We, and a capacity load of people though I learn from Steve they are trying to figure out how to cram more people up there, had the same idea.  We realize we are of a different generation as to our need for quiet and space. People in NYC are friendly as can be and yet I am on overload. I’m ready to go home, and we leave today.

On the other hand, the view from Top of the Rock is spectacular, and the energy of the people enjoying a warm evening outside is lovely and I’m missing home.

My friend Stefan is leading Sensory Awareness at a Zen retreat center in the Black Forest.  He posts photos, one of a snail, another of of a flower, another of a bell and there is a gate.  I settle there.

Yesterday was graduation day in NYC.  We passed one group of women in purple graduation gowns and hats, and another group in blue.  We saw huge bouquets of flowers carried in the hands of gratitude and joy. Picture taking was essential of course.  It’s all beautiful and excitement fills the air, and we return to our room grateful for quiet and ease, knowing that wherever we go, there we are. Presence is a gift and there is no reason or need to escape from grateful beings living in interdependence and reciprocity. Joy is captured and spread in a multitude of forms. Creativity reigns and rains. Paused now on the island of Manhattan, I revel in the gift.

Perhaps enough as we wait to rise to the top of Rockefeller Center
15,000 crystals shimmering with light
A waterfall crystallized
One of many views from Top of the Rock

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