I’m looking out watching morning light come to the marsh, harbor, and ocean.  Yesterday was a perfect ash-releasing day. We each had our cup of ashes, Yankees cups, since Gar loved the Yankees and we each released in our own way.  Bob and I entered the waves and allowed our cup of ashes to release and be carried out on the perfect wave. It takes awareness and timing to ensure the dip into the water is when the waves are going out not in since they tend to intermingle but we did it and the water was warm, a warm embrace.  We enjoyed the bubbles waved by a mother to her young son and the surfers paddling out to catch the waves.

A Great Blue Heron stands guard in front of where we’re staying.  Pelicans abound.

Eleven of us enjoyed dinner at the Moss Beach Distillery and paused to savor the sun entering water and clouds.   The foghorn blows. Pelicans swarm. I’m still weighed with grief, but it’s lighter now, moving in and out with the waves.  In this moment, my heart is a halo embracing above and below. I’m grateful for life, family, and friends.

Jeff calling the Marine Mammal Center to rescue a sick seal.

Our Great Blue Heron Friend, Guide, and Guard

Rocks and Waves

Early Morning Light – A New Day

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