My niece Katy is here.  Last night we talked and cried, hugged, talked, and cried.  I slept peacefully and well, woke with a fullness that’s been elusive since my brother’s passing seventy-two days ago.  There is a hearth of healing, a family light.

Healing in Reflection – Candle Light

2 thoughts on “Day 72: Peace

  1. Dear Cathy, What a relief, to talk and hug and cry over and over. To tap into that deep well of authenticity and beingness with your very own niece. How rich.

    I love it, then, that the light is held by Marion. And all Katy’s and your ancestors, especially Gar, as Katy is allowed to express and feel and you are able to receive and give love.

    That is pure light!





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