It’s been 74 days since my brother passed and one day since our beloved little Vellie opened up to a wider world and view.  

I haven’t been talking about my book, Airing Out the Fairy Tale: Trekking through Nepal & Midlife but today I come back to myself and my book.

On June 23rd, John Oliver focused his show on Mount Everest.  My book deals with the call that menopause invites, and that call took me to the Everest area.  I had no desire to climb Everest but I did hike to 18,000 feet and I was sharing the area with those who seemed focused on a need to achieve rather than receiving the beauty and spiritual fragrance of the air as it circulates there.

I end my book with the suggestion of Jan Morris to re-name Mount Everest The Peak of Kindness, and that would be translated into each person’s native language, so the name when spoken would touch the heart with a wand of tender trust, The Peak of Kindness.

May we each live our day with the words of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, My Religion is Kindness.

May we each give and receive Peace, Love, and Tenderness this beautiful, precious, sacred summer day. 

Buddha Cat

Fog brings a cap to the day

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