The Mill Valley marsh near where I live was saved because the endangered Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse lives here.  I was strolling along the marsh today enjoying the water, egrets, and plants: cordgrass, saltgrass and pickleweed when my friend Will bicycled up.  Will was born here almost fifty years ago and equals Google in his array of knowledge.   

I thought I knew the area as regards our native people, the Coast Miwok, but today I learn I’m near a  midden where Chief Marin lived. The discarded clam shells are known to be from his time because that particular variety of clam no longer exists here in the bay.  Will tells me where to find the midden and I do.  

I also learn that the Army Corps of Engineers is looking into solutions for the problem of flooding that’s occurring because of climate change.  The proposal is to remove concrete walls and replace them with nature’s filtering system – cordgrass, pickleweed, and saltgrass. That will give us 50 to 100 years.

I love that nature gives us answers we need.  She’s shining brightly today, and inside and out, I refresh on finding what I need right here where I live.   

Discarded clam shells in a midden in Marin

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