I’ve been intrigued by a branch that extends up and out from a tree in our yard.  It’s flimsy and yet seems a sentry place and point of delight for a variety of birds, large and small, and for the squirrel who scampers out to the top and swings back and forth.

It allows me to consider what it is to stretch and play and even feel that the squirrel, and I, as I watch with my mirror neurons, have wings.

Today in my Sensory Awareness call, I became aware that in closing my eyes, the lid wasn’t quite meeting the ball of my eye.  There was a holding back, a gap, a “mind the gap” awareness of an unconnected space.  

Curious, I explored and realized in my intention to live in impermanence, I had forgotten, or denied a place for tears.  I was trying to be brave, a noble pursuit, of course, but it is a pursuit, and not a momentary response.

I felt the tightness in my jaw, and in allowing that noticing, the hinge began to loosen and I felt the lower part of my jaw, the support for the front of my teeth, let go, like a hammock or net springing back and forth.  

There was rest there, movement, and support, and that allowed moisture to come and fill the space of my eyes, and with that wetness, a fluid glue, lid and ball came together to rest in connection, to kiss.

The heart moistens when we feel love.  So do the eyes. Moisten and connect in the joyful grace of swinging and living fluid and elastic. It is our birthright. It is our birth rite to use all of our being and trust the net.

Find a branch and swing

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