I rise and look out the window.  A hummingbird flutters there. Yesterday as Marlene and I sat on a high bluff overlooking Abbott’s Lagoon, a huge hawk flew by looking us right in the eyes.  What a wingspan and thrill and full heart response! I’m sitting with close encounters with large and small these days. Now a plump little bird sits on the slender branch that swings and he or she sentries all around.

Yesterday was one of those exquisite days as they all are of course.  I left at 7:00 in my convertible, top down, so enjoyed a range of smells and temperatures as I drove over Mt. Tam to Stinson Beach for breakfast and a walk.

Rare for me, I forgot a book to take in to breakfast so thoroughly enjoyed my food, the people, and the view through the gap to the beach and waves.

It was low tide and the waves were gentle and slow.  Ocean and I synced in mood.

I offer pictures to share the day.  

View looking west and south from the Mountain Home Inn

Gentle waves play at Stinson Beach

Walk toward the lagoon – soft mist

Low tide – river otters live in the green

One view from the bluff as the mist moves in and out

Friend garter snake

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