Last night I placed a pillow and blankets outside on the deck and lay down to watch for meteors.  It’s like watching for whale spouts: it’s tricky. I didn’t see any but I loved watching the stars come out, one by one.  I made my wish on the first one, then waited, and felt and smelled the air grow cooler and cooler. Little critters rustled about under the deck and through the yard.

Sometimes when I rest outside looking up at stars, I feel small, a speck in the universe, but last night I felt big as though I encompassed all.

Then, this morning I came to Richard Rohr and words from Sojourner Truth, an abolitionist and advocate for women’s rights.  She lived from 1797 to 1883.

But the moment she placed this idea of God by the side of the impression she had once so suddenly received of his inconceivable greatness and entire spirituality, that moment she exclaimed mentally, ‘No, God does not stop to rest, for he is a spirit, and cannot tire; he cannot want for light, for he hath all light in himself. And if “God is all in all,” and “worketh all in all,” as I have heard them read, then it is impossible he should rest at all; for if he did, every other thing would stop and rest too; the waters would not flow, and the fishes could not swim; and all motion must cease. God could have no pauses in his work, and he needed no Sabbaths of rest. Man might need them, and he should take them when he needed them. . . . As it regarded the worship of God, he was to be worshipped at all times and in all places; and one portion of time never seemed to her more holy than another.’

I sit with that, one portion of time never more holy than another, and all moving in flow.  How has the concept of God taking a day off for rest affected my life when clearly all is flow, impermanence and flow?

Yesterday I sat by a fountain and watched fish.  They came up to me, up to the camera, perhaps thinking I had food or maybe I was the most fascinating thing around.  I felt we were communicating, fish and me. There was no need to categorize, only presence in a day where some fish swim round and round in a circle, while others live in the bay with ferries and wind surfers flowing by.

Friend fish sharing a part of my day

Beauty moving inside and out

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