Tiny birds are twittering outside my window and bouncing up and down on the branches of the redwood tree.  I feel an empathetic lift in me.

I’m also lifted on words from Samantha Wallen who was a writing coach, guide, and inspiration for me in writing my book Airing Out the Fairy Tale.

In her July newsletter she featured my book and our work together, and her work with an organization called EIT, “Entrepreneurs in Training”.  She writes of going to Soledad prison where she and other volunteers were greeted enthusiastically by the men gathered there, how deeply they were affected as they settled in to listen to the gifts of men’s stories.

She writes, “Some of them run film production for the entire state system, some are electrical engineers and keep the tech and electricity running smoothly for the prison, some are liaisons between their cohorts and the warden and hold mentorship roles because they take the opportunity to grow and learn. Many have awesome business skills and ideas they are ready to implement with the right resources and support!” 

She continues, “But the #1 story I heard over and over again was, “I want to serve, to give back, to have an impact and make a difference with the one precious life I’ve been given.”

Isn’t this what we all want, to serve, give back, have an impact, and make a difference with the one precious life we’ve been given?

I sit with that as I sit with Samantha’s words on Airing Out the Fairy Tale. She writes, “In her book Cathy says, “The journey to Nepal was a journey of reconciliation with myself, claiming all my parts, looking into mirrors to see other than what I’d known.”

She says that “telling your story is an intimate act. It is an act of freedom.  Receiving someone else’s story is also an act of intimacy and freedom. It brings us closer to ourselves, closer to our fellow humans, closer to the pulse of life. It is a place to “be with the gods, to be where the air churns with prayer,” as Cathy so beautifully said of her experience in Nepal in her book.”

I consider now how a book is offered and then the question becomes how it might be received.  Am I affected when you read my words? Am I the birds or the branch, the air or the tree?

If you are interested in bringing forth your own book, or learning more about Samantha, click here; https://writeinpower.com

My journey honoring and celebrating the precious life I’ve been given

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