It’s Saturday in August, vacation time, and there’s a scent of fall, a shift in the light, morning light later, evening dark earlier. I feel the shift inside. 

I woke this morning from dreams that were rich, inviting, exciting.  In my dreams, I walked across a multitude of bridges rising steeply like the initial climb of a roller coaster. I looked off to the side though there was no railing, and all was blue water and sky and tall sailing ships flowing by.  

Even in the dream, it felt like a dream, like Oz.  Flowers opened their petaled hands, and then, knowing it was time to go home, I entered a small boat and motored across the sea to wake in my bed with Tiger snuggled close to me.  

I lay there, stretched on inner guidance, felt acupuncture from within.   

This upcoming Full Moon is the Sturgeon Full Moon in honor of the freshwater fish that filled rivers and lakes in North America before overfishing, pollution, and damage to their habitat destroyed their numbers.

Out hiking with two friends many years ago I saw what I thought was a sturgeon making its way up Redwood Creek.  I questioned when I read today that sturgeon are freshwater fish, but then I learn we have White Sturgeon on the Pacific coast and they move between ocean and freshwater but not with the consistency of salmon and steelhead.  

I think the sturgeon I saw was the Jonathan Livingston Seagull of the Sturgeon World.

And that brings me to this, a wonderful philosophy for today and everyday.


Abundance surrounds and supports the center

10 thoughts on “Abundance

  1. Dear Cathy,
    I have so enjoyed following your blog. Particularly today’s! A four year old in a Batman shirt! Yippee!

    The past couple of days I have launched my own WordPress blog.
    My learning curve is pretty steep!
    I am still navigating my way around it, however technical support is on the way in the form of a friend!

    Notes from the Garden and Other Thoughts is the title.


    1. Hi Mary,
      I saw on FB you had launched your new blog, and tried to get in but was unable to do so. It looks like now I can. Kudos to you and me! I just know how to post words and a photo, but so far that feels like enough. I look forward to following your thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi there Cathy thanks for getting back to me!
        WordPress said that the first 72 hours might be a little unreliable.
        Hopefully things are steadier now.
        Yes, this feels like an exciting adventure as I have written so much! And now feel ready to share some of it.


    2. Mary, When I try to “follow” you, it says I don’t have a “valid email address” even though I’ve tried all the ones I have. I find it curious. I’ll try therefore to just check in though I prefer being notified when you post.


      1. By the way, I am in the Berkeley area at least a couple of times a year, and so relate to your climate, the mist, the ocean, Mount Tam, your whole entire environment! I love that area!


  2. Great!! Maybe we can get together in person next time you’re out. I’ll keep trying to follow you!! Yes, I love it too. Right now, the fog is high in the sky with sun dropping softly through.


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