Yesterday I watched a podcast of Mary Evelyn Tucker with Michael Lerner at Commonweal.  That led me to her book Journey of the Universe.

I learn that the Large Magellanic Cloud, LMC, was once a spiral galaxy like our Milky Way, but then something destroyed it, and torn apart, it could no longer create stars. 

It drifted about until it was drawn into a gravitational relationship with our Milky Way.  

“The gravitational tidal force issuing from the Milky Way penetrated into the system of stars that formed LMC, and the structure of this smaller galaxy began to change. A regeneration of LMC was occurring in the presence of the Milky Way. And then an awakening occurred. A burst of star-making activity appeared in one of the dormant regions of LMC.  For billions of years, LMC had drifted about, barren and dying. Now, suddenly, its potentiality was ignited through this interaction and new stars were evoked into being in all their brilliance.”

What does that say for each of us when we come into contact with the spark and gravitational field of certain others, particularly those with spirals?

I refresh on spirals learning that “in geometry, a spiral is a plane curve generated by a point moving around a fixed point while constantly receding from or approaching it”.

It’s a helix, and “in anatomy, a helix is the curved fold forming most of the rim of the external ear”.  

I curve in understanding my gravitational field receives vibrations from yours, and together we curve, turning words into  stars, and waves into land, as we toss generating easily, gleefully, and playfully back and forth.

Enjoy the dance, and savor touch, connection, change, and exchange.


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