The light continues to astonish me.  I’m waking at 4:15 to watch the moon play peek-a-boo through the fog as the fog moves in and out, thickens and thins. Then the sun tickles everything pink as it ripens the day and twinkles right through this being I perceive of as “me”.

It must be my age, my rising in years and ripening, but these days, this “me” seems to be living in geologic time. I’m thrilled that the land mass of the earth was all one and then it separated into seven continents. It feels like my moods, coming together and apart, allowing unity and expansion, and within that, intention to give space but not divide, judge, or compare.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the first cells emerged, though it was 4 billion years. That’s a great many candles to put on a cake.

I wonder if I remember 3.9 million years ago when photosynthesis emerged. And then 2 billion years ago when multicellular organisms came together to energize on oxygen. I think of all the cakes I’d bake if I’d been there, but of course, in an evolutionary sense, I was. My components formed inside the stars. I come from expansion and contraction. It is my base.

Meanwhile, my politically positive daughter-in-law is pregnant with a little boy and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new energy and buoyant voice on the planet.  He’ll be wearing this soon as he makes the rounds in his stroller to Get Out the Vote!!

Miracles Happen

4 thoughts on “Light

  1. Wonderful! I love how you open to suchness, Cathy! You are marvellous in space, and I bow to the arrival of your grandson.

    Until tomorrow’s call,


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  2. Thank you Francesca!! Head deeply bowed!! Perhaps this upcoming new arrival has me even more aware of how all has come together for billions of years to create another little being!


  3. Dear Cathy, I cannot see your photos from the cabin but I can read your text.

    Last night I woke at 3 feeling anxious about the hula recital and the Egypt trip and my mother… so I made lists and that was helpful.

    Sabine and Rene just left. It was lovely having them up here. But I also feel the difference now that they are gone. I need more space for my mind to settle than I ever needed before. I can feel how my sensitivity is refining…

    They talked about trying to have children in a couple of years. So I will get to learn from your experiences with your grandson! I want to send Breaststrokes to Sabine’s college roommate’s mother who is going thru chemo right now.

    I have been reading a book that is a channeled description of life in Egypt, thousands of years ago. I think it touched something deep within me, along the lines of what you speak of in your post. We are older and have lived much longer than we consciously realiZe.

    And I found a copy of Love Is Letting Go of Fear, for free, at the Georgetown Library Treasure Sale yesterday. I also got an amazing statue; I will show you a photo when I get home. It is of an androgynous looking man resting. And I was reading Brad’s book, about his ayahuasca experience and time in Delphi and now finally the last chapter…

    But I go at my pace. Slow here, fast there. We complement each other in our pace in life, and in what we take in and when and how. It is a most delightful flow…

    A hummingbird just flew by.




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  4. Elaine,

    I smile. You will love the photo when you see it. Hooray for the hummingbird.

    I’m glad you made lists to help with anxiety, and yes, I understand on needing more space to settle as we continue to refine.

    Yes, I’m realizing what it means when we say we are stardust. What we and our surroundings are made of was literally created with the expansion and contraction of stars.

    I’m allowing myself to honor that more fully now, to more openly connect the strands of space-time and how they curve around and around.

    Hooray on reading and a new statue!

    To honoring our pace as it flows.

    I wonder if you realize this went to the blog rather than a private email. Just to note!



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