I was slow to rise this morning, stayed in bed absorbing the fullness of yesterday, and now this new day, merged. 

Yesterday, I left home early to arrive in Redwood City, sip a latte, walk around, and spend time in the library. I read and people-watched until my son Chris arrived and we enjoyed lunch and walking around the historic part of the town.  

Sitting outside the San Mateo County Museum, we watched young people practice a variety of dance routines.  It was a peaceful mix of people and ages. Then I went to the “Celebration of Life” which was beautiful and heart-filling. 

This morning Steve and I watched our cat Tiger as he watched the morning come to light.  He loves to sit seemingly participating in the change of light. He looks like a Zen master sitting there, absorbed, and maybe he is. He also loves to watch the moon as it moves across the sky and he calls to us to come out and be with him.  Who would want to miss such a display?

When the lights in the house go out, he comes to bed.

I am with the subject of light because a few days ago I saw a photo of a sculpture titled “Addiction”. 

The sculpture sits along the water in Amsterdam and shows three people sitting on a bench absorbed in their cell phones.  You can sit on the bench between them and feel and be in the light from the phones.

Today I read that the sculpture is actually called “Absorbed by Light”. 

The article points out that people used to sit on benches reading newspapers and books, so perhaps this way of isolating among others is not new.

Today I’m with the meanings and ways of being “absorbed by light”.

Here is the article: https://www.truthorfiction.com/addiction-sculpture-in-amsterdam/

Absorbed by Light in Amsterdam

Yes, we have history in CA

Leisurely Entertainment in downtown Redwood City

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