Bella and I are enjoying the breeze and afternoon ease.  

I’m reading Ocean Vuong’s book, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous.  I can’t read it straight through.  It’s a meditation, a poem, a history, a story of love, compassion, generosity, fear, hurt, and sorrow.  

I come to these lines, and pause, step back, embrace more fully and wholly the ocean of his name and what he’s saying.

He writes of a man speaking of his son’s death – “I’m broken in two.”

And the author says, “In two, it was the only thought I could keep, sitting in my seat, how losing a person could make more of us, the living, make us two.”

He goes on and then writes: “Into – yes, that’s more like it. As in, Now I’m broken into.

I think of the passing of those I love. Yes, I’m broken “into”.

Bella’s afternoon nap in sun and shade

A curve of support

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