Last night before bed a friend shared with me the compassion she was feeling around some challenges in her life. I’m re-reading Frank Ostaseski’s wonderful book The Five Invitations, and I’m in his chapter on love.

He writes that there are only two questions that matter. “Am I loved?” “Did I love well?Since there is no separation, we can include ourselves in that love. He speaks of resting in love, and then concludes the chapter with this.

“When we live from the vantage point of boundless love, we begin to see all the points of connection that join us together. Love breeds love.”

I read those words and come to this video of a horse that knows where he’s needed, a horse that radiates, and is, Love. I’m reminded of Challenger, a horse I worked with when I went through equine therapy after cancer treatment. I remember his presence, his eyes, heart, lungs – huge and healing, and I carry him with and within me thirteen years later. Tears come and heal, liquid Love.

Healing – Love

2 thoughts on “Love

  1. Cathy I’ve just forwarded this blog to my friends and their 19 year old autistic daughter who has just entered s college to study animal care.

    I have tears myself thinking this may move her, wishing my dearest one could have some experience of this, and grateful for you bringing all this to all of us.

    Love you

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