Morning comes, a blend of color, soft, gentle strokes I feel inside.  I meditate with intention for compassion, begin with myself, open to the world, like a flower in light, and then, moisture comes like a tide, filling that place of tenderness, that place where joy and sorrow meet, held.

The Maori word for Autism is “Takiwatanga”.  It means “in his/her own time and space”.  

I want that for each of us, each of us, “our own time and space”.  

A dog or cat prepares their bed before they settle.  A dog may circle; a cat may knead. Each makes their place of rest just right for them, a place to receive and be received.

I lean in now to invite that place of rest, circle torso and spine, prepare the ground of my being, as I knead the stream of air moving in and out. I trust this moment, this balance of movement and stillness, this moment of knowing enough.

Rocks and Stream held, connecting, moving and still

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