Today I drove early to Stinson Beach.  Other than the gulls, I was the only one there.

As I walked toward the water, it looked like the young gulls were in school.  Then, I noticed they were gathered around a structure, a creation, an artwork, gathered as though worshipping. Of course, school, properly inspired, is worship, the most important worship we do.

I was reminded of Burning Man but I thought these are gulls, and then, I realized the structure was a wing.  The feathers were palm fronds. I don’t know the intent of the gathering, but I imagine in gull world it equaled the one on the Playa.

The tide was low and I walked south past exposed rocks, noticing here and there, a lone gull, or a lone sandpiper.  Then, walking back, I saw people stumbling with loads of stuff to plop in their spot. It was time to go.

Gull wing worshipped on the beach
The ocean offers rhythm and blues
Gathered to view
Each one with a spot

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