I felt the 4.5 earthquake at 10:33 PM last night.  It was centered in the East Bay so a mild shake for me, a small rattle of the room I was in.  I’d forgotten until I read the news this morning.

I remember a memorial service I attended years ago.  The priest, new to CA and the Bay area, said he felt that’s why we’re more open to change here.  The earth literally moves under our feet. It’s certainly a nudge of awareness that life can change, and does.

I feel awake this morning, clear, as though some rust is shaken loose.

Yesterday a small group of us were talking about how we bring Sensory Awareness into our lives.  Stefan Laeng says simply pick up a rock and put it down, no need for drama, a simple up and down, an experience of reaching, attachment, and letting go.  Perhaps when the earth moves, that’s what it’s doing, simply lifting us up, giving a little shake, then putting us down, so we can notice, “What’s moving in me now?”

Charlotte Selver, my teacher of Sensory Awareness said: Without watching, without judging, just be awake.  Simply be present with what you need and what is meeting you.  

What do I need right now?  I close my eyes, and lift stones of gravitational trust up and down, as the ocean plays with rocks on the beach.  

The ocean and humans play with the arrangement of rocks – collage –

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