The Autumn light comes softly to this new day.

We watched the movie Green Book last night.  It’s set in 1962 and shocking, and also beautifully funny and heart-warming.  

I remember how carefully we drove through the South in those days and we were White.  I had no idea of the Green Book.

I sit with that now, a rising awareness of how we open response to change, and in that opening, experience fluidity and flow.

In my case, I continue to revel in the exploration of Alexander Technique. I massage my thought patterns with new ways to perceive.   

F.M. Alexander called the unreasonable wishing that motivates our misuse – end-gaining.  He introduced the “means-whereby” principle where we stop and pause, allowing a response that best meets the situation.

During my haircut yesterday, my hairdresser said how challenging it is that her clients come in traumatized by what is going on in this country.  In addition, living here, we are bombarded with warnings on fire and earthquakes.  And yet, in this moment, I pause and return to the inner light which the Quakers cultivate while listening in silence to what is here in support.

Earth Verse

Wide enough to keep you looking

Open enough to keep you moving

Dry enough to keep you honest

Prickly enough to make you tough

Green enough to go on living

Old enough to give you dreams

~ Gary Snyder ~

(Mountains and Rivers Without End: Poem)

Creek in Mill Valley yesterday – rock exposed like a crocodile “taking the air”

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