I wake this morning, changed. I lie in bed, absorbing and integrating this gift of being a grandmother, and understand why it is said grandmothers will change the world.

With the birth of my sons, I turned inward, knew I would do anything to protect what came from my womb, and this turning, this birth is an expansion, a spreading wonder out.  This little man, being, angel, teacher, guide, Keo Jay Edgette brings me to the softest light of tears, prisms my world into expansion and openness, and a knowing of trust and peace.  He is a candle in my life. 

I soften into what he brings, what birth of a new being brings.  He is so delicate and dependent, and yet, so strong. His tiny presence is so strong.  All these adults gather around him waiting for the gift of holding him, and there he is swaddled with his little hat, eyes opening and closing, brow furrowing and unfurrowing, absorbing this new world for him, this gift we now all share.

This morning I feel like an apple, cored, as though there is new room in my chest, a room without walls, only doors, and I trust that all is as it should be and this Little Light Keo, is giving me, Oma, all I need.

Blessings on us All!

Uncle Jeff and a ten hour old Keo

Grandpa Steve with a young Keo

Moving along through this new day. Keo is now 34 hours old. Time is moving along for him and for me.

Keo at 34 hours

4 thoughts on “Expanding

  1. And a happy Birthday to you, dear Oma Cathy! Please share with us a photo of you with your grandson! Blessings on Keo’s family and the transformation he brings already. His birth transforms you adults to mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt. May Keo’s life be blessed with love and joy, peace and enlightened power.

    And may your life, as you enter this next decade, continue to bring expansion, expression, authenticity, enlightened perspective, love, joy and connection.

    With much love, your fan,



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    1. Thank you Elaine. I’m smiling. Yes!! Yes! Yes!!

      We realized we forgot to take a picture of me with Keo so I don’t yet have one. Imagine me looking down on him, a blessing in my arms.

      Thank you!

      Love and Gratitude for you and this world,


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