I’ve now watched two videos of Keo this morning.  What a guy, and what a world where he is there, and I am here, and I can see him entering his fourth day.

I think of how he’ll see himself from the very beginning.  That amazement is juxtaposed with the fire danger today and threats of power shut-offs.  Perhaps because the fire yesterday was so close by, I now think “Fine, shut off my power.”  It’s more real.  

This morning I saw a design for a Frank Gehry building which I thought might be the ugliest I’d ever seen, but then, I Googled and found more of his designs.  I admire Frank Lloyd Wright who honored nature in his plans, evolved structures organically with an eye to simplicity, flow, and function.

How does that contrast with this?

Construction beginning on Frank Gehry building in Dubai
Frank Gehry Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

Perhaps the function of the second one is to disrupt brain functioning, so you need the help of the work within.

Maybe I’m more aware of organic processes, simplicity, and function, as I watch little Keo learn to use his fingers and eyes, to explore and discover how to inhabit this world into which he’s born.  He’s integrated and integrating, and as I watch, so am I.  

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