I’m inspired by Elijah Cummings, yes, but listen to this by his wife, now widow, Maya. Integrity. She spells it out loud and clear.

I’m also inspired by my grandchild Keo who asserted himself yesterday. On his fourth day, it was not easy to change his diaper and swaddle him again. He wants those hands and feet free. My son said how strong he is and how it wasn’t easy to change his diaper and wrap him up again. I remember, and think how it is for each of us when we claim our strength and space, and, in that, proclaim what it is to live with Integrity, aware that in proclaiming our individuality, we are one with All.

We’re driving down to visit Keo and his family today, and will probably return to a house without power. I’ve again pulled out the flashlights and lamps. Candles are ready for a spark to the wick, and I think of how it could be if money that’s been wasted on war, weapons, elections, and outlandish salaries for corporate executives went to infrastructure, education, and preservation of the environment we all share.


On the wall at my local independent book store, Book Passage

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