It’s the Saturday of a three day weekend, an honoring of veterans, of those who have served, and yet when I Google it, I see ads for sales.  Might we have one holiday that isn’t about buying things we may or may not need? 

I like to pause on a weekend like this, to reflect, and give thanks to those who’ve served, my father and grandfather among them.  We are entering into a complex and deepening time of year. For Americans, there is Thanksgiving, and then holidays that are sacred for many. Certainly the Winter solstice affects us all as we honor the tilt on the earth’s axis that shifts, and for those of us in the Northern hemisphere begins the return back to light.  

Today I’m with words from Richard Rohr.  

Following Rupert Sheldrake’s invitation to practice relating with nature, take some time to simply be present to a flower, plant, or tree. After choosing a quiet location (or selecting a photograph or art image if you’re not able to go outside), look around, above, below, and behind you, enjoying the environment and noting that you can feel completely safe and relaxed in this place. Open to your intuition or to any image or sensation about what specific flower, plant, or tree you will spend some time with in contemplation. 

Sit or kneel quietly nearby. As humans, we tend to be observers of the world that appears outside of us. Instead, allow the flower, plant, or tree to observe you. Let yourself be seen by this being. Or you might do like the mystics and have a dialogue with your flower, plant, or tree. If you like, you might keep a journal reflecting on your experiences or to express gratitude for any insights that might arise. To make this a regular “practice,” set aside a similar time of day at least once a week when you can visit this flower, plant, or tree.

I choose a Maple tree, well, two, actually three.  I know they connect through their roots and processing of breath and air.  I’ve been watching them carefully, as their leaves are changing rapidly, as the sun moves through the day, and some are beginning to darken, crinkle and fall.

I go outside and wait to receive.  I’m touched – trees, leaves, roots, soil, air, me.  All cycles in waving beams, all One.



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