The day comes to light with a rose-pink glow.  I’m touched, invited outside. It’s the time of the Full Moon and meteor showers.  Mercury visibly passed by the sun yesterday. We’re invited into a wider world than the particulars that may absorb us at times.  We in the Northern hemisphere, are entering a magical time of year, more darkness in which to feel the Light.

Yesterday my Sensory Awareness group worked with our shoulder blades, with laying back to feel them fully, and in feeling that support, feeling our front.  First, we looked at a tree, no front or back, though one part may face north or south, but a lovely receptivity to all parts of the tree, and in that, to all parts of ourselves.  How does my back meet my front? How does front meet back? How much support do I feel from the circulation of air, from the back of a chair or from the floor?

Connecting with myself, I connect with the wider world of which I’m part.

This comes from Writer’s Almanac today. “On this day in 1980, the NASA space probe Voyager 1 made its closest approach to Saturn, 40,000 miles from the top of the gas giant’s cloud layer … Voyager 1‘s images reveal seven main rings, each named with a letter of the alphabet and made up of thousands of strands held in formation by the gravitational pull of the planet and its dozens of moons. The rings are made of ice particles — some as big as a car — and bits of debris from broken up moons, comets, and asteroids. Voyager 1 also discovered the “shepherd moons”: Prometheus and Pandora, small moons that interact with Saturn’s “F” ring and keep it separate from the other rings.”

How exciting is that, and that was almost 40 years ago.  What is ours to discover, uncover, and explore today?

Invite and give yourself a pause. 

Allow the lids to slip over the balls of the eyes.

How do you receive? 

How is vision now?

The morning sky

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