I walk outside at 5:30 this morning.  Stars are shining and an owl hoots.

I come inside to be with Tiger and Bella who are grateful the heater is running.

It’s the week of Thanks Giving – giving thanks.

I finished Timothy Egan’s book last night, A Pilgrimage to Eternity, about his pilgrimage on the Via Francigena, the path from Canterbury to Rome.

As I processed the book, I traveled in my dreams, trying new things.  I hit a home run though I haven’t held a baseball bat in years.

At the Abbey of San Caprasio, founded in 884, Egan asks Father Gilvanni Perini what kind of pilgrim stops at his outpost.  Father Perini responds that people are searching for something and they learn how to think clearly. He says people used to take a siesta in the afternoon.  Now they work, work, work, all the time. They don’t have time to think.

“Then they start walking on the Via Fancigena.  Now they have time. More time than ever in their life. They are not used to having time to think.  They are out of practice. A lot of people on the Via, they won’t even go into a church. They say that they’re walking to practice mindfulness.”  He stifles a chuckle. “Mindfulness.  They used to call it living.”

And in the Cathedral of Santa Margherita, the author has an experience I won’t describe, but it makes one wonder, or believe more firmly in what surrounds us, in more than we usually see.  

The book honors kairos time, which opens a door to forgiveness, as it’s not linear time, but a time for action. What can release?

And these words “The way is made by walking. There is no way,” seem to be attributed to a great many, which may serve to thread the universality of giving steps to land.

Savor this week of gathering. Step out of linear and into kairos time.

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