A friend interpreted yesterday’s post as that I was waiting for Inspiration.

I meant it more as cleansing.  Sometimes I need to pause, empty, and fill.

It’s like with the breath.  When we exhale, there can be a pause, and then, the inhalation comes.  

Just like that, breath comes; life comes.

This is a busy time of year that balances on the darkness and push and pull to hibernate.  I love this time of year, that push and pull lit by scent and candlelight. I bring forth my holiday mugs, candles, treasures, and tablecloths. I inhale the scent of pine, and exhale delight. I’m grateful for what I have and what I can give.

This year the birth of our grandchild has added a new spark to the season, and we’re dealing with practical matters, financial matters, awakened awareness of a widening circle, a deeper immersion in all we share.

I walk along and look at each baby I see, acknowledge the mother or father who is pushing the wrapped-up being in their stroller/carriage.

It’s a different investment somehow. I feel carved open and raw in display.  I suppose that’s what prompted yesterday’s unraveling pause, but I am here and involved.

I see that this month requires extra awareness of balancing by feeling our feet, outside, middle, and inner, and when we walk articulating the whole foot, and as Thich Nhat Hanh says, “Kissing the earth with our feet”.

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