There’s wind and rain today, pure delight.

I’m reading a wonderful book by Brian Doyle, One Long River of Song.  I could put much of the book here, as it is a series of beautiful and touching essays but I’ll share one little bit from a piece called “The Praying Mantis Moment”.

He’s writing about a soccer game in which his six year old twin sons are participating.  He’s remembering back when to when the “tiny intent players on the field all formed a loose circle on the field, and play stopped”.  The ball rolled “slowly by itself into a corner of the field”.

Alarmed, parents, coaches, and referees ran to see what had happened and who was hurt.  

“And then the circle devolved into a sort of procession, with all the players on both teams following a girl in front, and cupped in the girl’s hands was a praying mantis, which she and all the other players on both teams were escorting reverently off the field, because, as a child helpfully explained to me afterward, the praying mantis was on the field first, and maybe even lived there, while we were all visitors, and you’re supposed to be polite when you visit someone’s house.”

And that’s your feel good story for the day.  If you want more, I suggest you read his book, or look around. Stories abound!

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