It’s raining, all night, and now all day. I love the sound and watching the plants open and renew.

A few years I ago I was at Commonweal and heard Frank Ostaseski speak. I give a taste of that here, but first a few words from his book, The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us about Living Fully.

“Hope is an optimizing force that moves us and all of life toward harmony.  It doesn’t arrive from outside; rather it is an abiding state of being, a hidden wellspring within us. When the mind is still and awake, we can see reality more clearly and recognize it as a living, dynamic process.  Hope that is active has an imaginative daring to it, which helps us to realize our unity with all life and find the resourcefulness required to act on its behalf. We can sense the lightness, the buoyancy of this kind of hope, the enthusiasm and positivity it engenders.  It energizes us to engage in activities that we imagine will enrich our future. This version of hope is a basic human need.”

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