Years ago one of my sons decided to let go of his toys.  He is like me, attached and appreciative. He went through Matchbox cars, models, Legos, and carefully and reverently placed them in boxes so when a child opened and received what was there, their heart would leap with joy.

I find myself now having made a New Year’s commitment to type recipes into the computer and let pieces of paper go, and to let go of some of my books.  The way it’s going it will be years. I type in a recipe and sit with memory. I pull a book off the shelf, sit down, think, yes, this is the last time I’ll read this, and then, immerse, and so today, two books have been chosen to go, and I see that this process needs a faster pace, so I find myself doing math problems to assess exactly how long it might take.

If three books departed the house each day for a year, that would be over a thousand books in a year, which is about right, but can I release three books a day, and a year is a long time, so maybe six books and then six months, or maybe, and so here I am. This exploration has led me to realize it’s time to go to the grocery store, and buy some carefully chosen ingredients, and cook.

At least then there is transition, transformation, and flow.

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