We have a new pot to heat water for our morning coffee. We like to watch water drip through a cone so we each make our own cup.

We were sad as we watched the old pot lose memory and consistency but after another pour of luke-warm water while knowing the pot was doing its best we now have a sleek new model.

This one keeps a digital accounting as the water rises in heat, so one can  begin the day mesmerized by the rising numbers until at 200 degrees, a beep, beep, beep.  It’s true that one becomes more easily entertained with age. It’s a return to childhood, a return to meeting the excitement of change, a world that is always, every moment, vibrating and new.  

Steve and I took Uber or Lyft in and out of the city yesterday to meet one son and his wife.  Our returning driver lives on a houseboat in Sausalito and transports boats back and forth, so recently brought a boat from Tahiti to Hawaii to here.  He described many an adventure, but then, each moment is that. He sails the seas, and I watch water heat.  

I’m traveling a wee bit south today and spending the night down there, so I’ll see how computer connects in a new place.  My computer tends to resist change, and I respect that, so I’m open to what computer needs. We never know and perhaps vibrational inconsistency is what moves our heart back and forth in a dance delighting in, and stimulated by how and what we meet. Enjoy your Monday, the start of a new week.


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