The rain has come again.  This is a moist year.

I read about Bernd Heinrich, a scientist and naturalist who lives in a cabin in Maine and observes those with whom he shares the land and gives them to us in his books.

I choose among his books and order Life Everlasting: The Animal Way of Death.

There can be a richness to the aging process, this continually grateful reception of breath, each inhalation a gift, each exhalation a letting go, and merging with the wider world of which we are part.  

Each day, my intention is to sink more clearly into living as a beginner, as babies do.  

Old and young meet in the center, centered in gratitude, gratitude for living that is always new, as both accept, receive, release, and continue to transform.  

May we all be well in this process of expanding our ability to give and receive.

Looking up through branches, winter bare

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